Readers and Writers Band Together to Save Lives in Chechnya

Readers and Writers Band Together to Save Lives in Chechnya

Not much to add to this but I love how regular people are doing what they can to help!

Katya Evangeline

GAY AND BI MEN ARE BEING TORTURED and MURDERED in Chechnya. Here’s how you can help.

In case you haven’t heard, numerous reports have been pouring out of Russia and Chechnya that GAY and BI MEN IN CHECHNYA ARE BEING TORTURED, MURDERED AND ROUNDED UP IN CONCENTRATION CAMPS.

Here are some ways to help save lives:


There is a really awesome ONLINE AUCTION with FABULOUS ITEMS, including tons of LGBT Books and swag, plus SUPERB WRITER’S SERVICES like professional editing services and graphic design of your to-be-published book cover.

THIS AUCTION ENDS TOMORROW, Saturday, May 13, CDT, so check it out ASAP!

The Auction is organized by Readers & Writers for LGBT Chechens and they have organized many other ways to offer financial assistance. They also have a great list of ways to donate DIRECTLY to on-the-ground organizations. Click HERE for their page, more information on the Chechnya situation and…

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Social Justice Legal CLE’s for Attorneys

It has been a LONG time since I last posted.

Life has been too colorful and real since the election. Like many other bloggers the election knocked me back into a different and undesirable era. I had to take time out to reflect upon the times and absorb the horror of assaults against our constitutional rights, liberties, and American ideals. I also had to consider my goals in blogging in a time where political leaders threaten citizens with legal and criminal actions for speech and actively try to remove protections for women, LGBTQ+, trans people and repeal or limit our rights to birth control, abortion and health care.


Continuing Education for Lawyers and Interested People:

Porn Law, Video Game Law, LGBTQ Issues, The Law After The Trump Dude, and Civil Rights Issues

I am also an attorney and I know there are many other lawyers, recovering attorneys and concerned citizens who are well versed in many areas of law.  Although I post this for folks in the legal field, there is a world of legal information there so if you are a non-lawyer and want to expand your knowledge base, then I would say go for it. I am *pretty* sure you don’t have to be a lawyer but I will let you figure it if you are so inclined.

For licensed attorneys, most stakes require us to complete continuing education credits or CLE’s yearly to keep our knowledge current and maintain our licenses to practice.

Since I pay my own bar dues and pay for my CLE’s out of pocket, I look for CLE’s that are cost effective, meet the live requirements of some states, and give me great content.

I have been using for a few years and it is the best I have found. For $299 you can get Unlimited CLE classes for one year, and you can potentially earn 2 years of CLE credits if your state allows carryover. Check your state.

On holidays the Unlimited CLE sometimes has been offered for $199 in the past- if you see that-DO IT!

I have taken some fascinating On-Demand courses such as Adult Entertainment Law: Legal Issues in the XXX World aka PORN Law and Video Game Law.  These were excellent.

Tomorrow, 5/4/2017, there are courses on Anti-Bullying Legal Issues INCLUDING Representing Victims of Revenge Pornography, an important current topic!

Lawline has a huge roster of Civil Rights offerings- both On Demand and Live Courses coming up. If you miss a live course, you can catch it later on demand.

There are a plethora of Civil Rights courses, including Federal Police Brutality Law, Filming the Police, and the School to Prison Pipeline.

They have a whole curriculum on Oil and Gas Law, including legal issues relating to Native American interests and their rights.

And FINALLY . . . has an incredible selection of almost 250 upcoming Live Courses on Civil Rights, Trump Era Laws, Women’s Laws and LGBTQ issues starting tomorrow which you can find HERE.

No one is paying me to promote Lawline. I just try to pass on helpful information to spread knowledge, make people’s (including Lawyers’) lives easier, and hopefully contribute to a fairer and just world.


Two strong black female protagonists will save the worlds in Sharolyn G. Brown’s “The Heaviness of Knowing.”

Two strong black female protagonists will save the worlds in Sharolyn G. Brown’s “The Heaviness of Knowing.”

From the Author/Publisher:

You can’t unknow the truth.

Roxal has spent her life using her Dream Traveler ability in service to Trebor’s gods, The Keepers. Even after she learns they aren’t all powerful like she was taught, she dutifully continues to manipulate an Earth woman named Lauren to do their bidding. Roxal’s content pretending to be a loyal follower, until her mate’s activities with a rebel faction put both of their lives in jeopardy.

Meanwhile on Earth . . . Lauren discovers that not only do aliens exist, but that she’s been in contact with one for most of her life. And that’s just for starters.

Now Lauren’s world is turned upside down. And Roxal has to figure out if she can harness the survival instincts which before told her to hide and use it to now fight for her survival.

The Heaviness of Knowing is an Excellent Debut Novel in a Classic Sci-fi Tradition!

This fantastic debut novel is very enjoyable and well written. The stars of the story are two young black women, Roxal and Lauren, who are growing up in two different universes. They are complex characters, beautiful, intelligent and determined to make a difference in their worlds. The story line is multi-faceted and multi layered. .

Although it started slow, by the time I made it 1/3 of the way into the book I LITERALLY could not put the book down. Ms. Brown skillfully and methodically builds her 2 worlds, one on planet earth and one elsewhere. By the time the book ended I was immersed in Roxal’s universe and had such a palpable feeling of having visited her world and experiencing it first-hand. Ms. Brown’s writing and her world building are reminiscent of Orson Scott Card’s Ender’s Game and other classic sci-fi stories. The two main protagonists have strength of character and mind. Both are motivated by kindness and love. I am pretty sure these 2 young women will end up becoming the salvation of both Earth and Roxal’s world.

At least that is what I am hoping! I am very excited to read the next one and will not miss it!!!!

Buy or Read for Free on Kindle Unlimited!

Put this on your #WeNeedDiverseBooks and GoodReads To-Read list!

Required #FemDom Reading for your Weekend.

Required #FemDom Reading for your Weekend.

Per the author’s bio, Ariana Page is a lifestyle dominant who actively “lives and breathes” the BDSM lifestyle. When offered the chance to review her new book I gladly accepted. I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

BDSM kink is all the rage these days and is a frequent star of romance and erotica stories. This was a nice change because it came from the perspective of an experienced female dominant. It also felt like a slice of life from BDSM practitioners. Another aspect that was SO refreshing is that there was clear informed consent every step of the way. It wasn’t like many of the so-called BDSM romances where one more powerful partner pressures or tricks a less powerful and less experienced person into BDSM activity without the weaker person having full information and freedom to decline. It showed autonomous adults making clear decisions to give or receive power and shows a healthy model for how consent can work. Bravo!

But I don’t mean to make it sound like Two In Hand is a clinical tome….As a story it was engaging and HOT.

As an experienced dominant, the main character exudes power and control. After being heckled by 3 young professional men in a bar, Lisa bets that she can bring one young man to his knees in under 30 seconds. And she does. Even more surprising is that the young man begins to awaken to the thrill of being dominated and receiving pain from a powerful woman. And once his desire is awakened he begins the road fully submit to her control.

This was a fascinating read and felt like a very realistic portrayal of how one might enter and practice the pain and pleasure of consensual BDSM play. I know I said this already but it’s pretty HOT! ; ). Has F/F, F/M & FFM pairings.

Buy it or rent for free with Kindle Unlimited at Click here to Read Now !

You can find the author, Ariana Page, at her website Here !

Book Review: “Love you Forever.” Or more ACCURATELY, “Love You for a Limited Time Because I Am Going to Die.”

Book Review: “Love you Forever.” Or more ACCURATELY, “Love You for a Limited Time Because I Am Going to Die.”

“Love You Forever” by by Robert Munsch and Sheila McGraw.

“I love you forever…As long as I’m living, my baby you’ll be,” or

“As long as I’m living, your or your mommy I’ll be.”

This line, or something close to this, is repeated on every page.  This phrasing sounds to me like it REALLY SAYS, “I will love you forever. . . Well, not REALLY FOREVER but at least until I die. Until I die I will love you and we will be baby and mommy and I WISH it was forever but I WILL DIE so our love and our close relationship WILL END.  But until then I love you SO much.”

The story line reinforces this showing a timeline beginning with a young mother singing this to her son throughout his life.  Eventually the son grows up and lives in his own house with his own baby. At the end the mother is elderly. The son drives to his elderly mom’s house, creeping into her room and singing a version of the song to his mom.  I don’t remember the exact words and can’t look it up because I hid my copy at the top of my bookshelf so that my kids don’t ask me to read it to them.  The language is there, of course, referring to someone’s “as long as I’m living” finite life period. In the context of his visit to his mother I find it implied that she is dying or it is a reminder that she is old and will die.  After that, the man goes home and sings the song to his baby.

To me, this story portrays a heartbreaking love between parent and child. EVERY TIME this deep love and parent-child love relationship is mentioned there is always the limiting condition that this love and bond lasts for a finite time period, “as long as I’m living.”

This book triggers DEEP feelings of sadness in me and causes me to think about dying and leaving my kids motherless and of losing my loved ones to death.  Death is the final and permanent separation between all loved ones and lasts much longer than our brief lives on this earth. Continue reading “Book Review: “Love you Forever.” Or more ACCURATELY, “Love You for a Limited Time Because I Am Going to Die.””

Weird Book Alert! Weird Book Alert! (Psst…Weird doesn’t mean bad!)

Weird Book Alert! Weird Book Alert! (Psst…Weird doesn’t mean bad!)

Weird Book Alert!  Weird Book Alert!

I’m starting a category of Book Reviews for the Weird, Quirky and Strange books of the world.  For me, “weird, quirky and strange” does not imply “BAD.”  I realize that I have a hard time passing up a book that looks or seems *REALLY weird*!!!


“Delinquent’s Survival Guide To The End Of The World” by Edua Erasmus.

Rated: 3 Stars! (3 out of 5 Stars)

From the author:

“Justin and Jason are delinquent friends in a small boring town where nothing ever happens… Until the day a nuclear explosion goes off just outside of town.”

“Delinquent’s Survival Guide” is an interesting and very unusual story. If you are easily offended then you should skip this one- not because of the m/m sex but due to the boys’ juvenile antics. It is told from the voice of a very immature young man as he and his best friend suddenly find themselves survivors after a cataclysmic and devastating nuclear attack.

FYI, I had to crop the cover photo in order to display it here because I was concerned it might violate WordPress’s Terms of Service!

This definitely does not fit cleanly into a traditional genre. It is quirky and cute- if you can forgive the two boys for being “stupid kids” who probably act like jerks most of the time. (They act *pretty bad*). If you can accept that part, then you can enjoy their escapades as they find themselves confronting the end of the world, their awakening sexuality and the “friends to lovers” angst.

These boys are TROUBLE, but even trouble makers need love and affection, too!

This story/novella is available for free on

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Book Review: Selena Kitt’s “Swap Meets, Vol. 1” (Shhhh…Erotica!)

Swap Meets Vol. 1, Wife Swapping and More!  Oh my!

Well written bundle of erotica stories and novellas. In terms of the quality level of each story these are consistently well written, unique and interesting. A few were shocking. A few stories contain some very gritty or… ahem *messy* elements and some explore the outer limits of how far a love relationship or a partner’s emotions can be pushed and still spring back relatively unharmed. Every story tried to explore difficult aspects of open relationships or encounters- many the result of careful planning by one or both partner’s in the core relationship. I didn’t read any that were here for the titillation alone.

I appreciated that these stories were very creative and complex. Almost all of the stories are either from the woman’s point of view or if from her partner’s POV they still concentrate on the woman’s needs, desires, thoughts and satisfaction. I would say this is very female-centered erotica.

There is one story which *appears* to have dubious consent- “Obsessed with Tori,” even though it is the woman’s husband who is the apparent victim. Coincidentally, “Obsessed with Tori” was the only story containing noticeable editing flaws- the type where the author forgets the names of the characters involved mid-tryst, which is pretty jarring! The story was very good, so I will overlook those errors but I recommend the author or editor fix those details!

All of these stories were new to me except for Selena Kitt’s Bluebeard’s Wife. I will admit that I had never read Bluebeard’s Wife prior to this because when I have seen it offered as a single the cover art was dated and not attractive and the brief excerpt didn’t make sense to me! I was therefore VERY pleasantly surprised to read Bluebeard’s Wife was far better than I expected. I am glad I finally sat down and read it.

Altogether, the stories boast a high literary quality so if you like thoughtful erotica you will find it here and will see some intense intimacy explored beyond the level I have seen in other “Hotwife” stories. This went way beyond “wife-swapping.”

I have a criticism regarding Lucee Lovett’s “A Question of Size.”
The story was great and I appreciate that the author tried to write a non-white character. However, in doing so, she describes the Asian male (potential partner) in a way that makes him an “exotic” OTHER. It is subtle but it is slightly offensive. Here is the passage. Continue reading “Book Review: Selena Kitt’s “Swap Meets, Vol. 1” (Shhhh…Erotica!)”