Social Justice Legal CLE’s for Attorneys

It has been a LONG time since I last posted.

Life has been too colorful and real since the election. Like many other bloggers the election knocked me back into a different and undesirable era. I had to take time out to reflect upon the times and absorb the horror of assaults against our constitutional rights, liberties, and American ideals. I also had to consider my goals in blogging in a time where political leaders threaten citizens with legal and criminal actions for speech and actively try to remove protections for women, LGBTQ+, trans people and repeal or limit our rights to birth control, abortion and health care.


Continuing Education for Lawyers and Interested People:

Porn Law, Video Game Law, LGBTQ Issues, The Law After The Trump Dude, and Civil Rights Issues

I am also an attorney and I know there are many other lawyers, recovering attorneys and concerned citizens who are well versed in many areas of law.  Although I post this for folks in the legal field, there is a world of legal information there so if you are a non-lawyer and want to expand your knowledge base, then I would say go for it. I am *pretty* sure you don’t have to be a lawyer but I will let you figure it if you are so inclined.

For licensed attorneys, most stakes require us to complete continuing education credits or CLE’s yearly to keep our knowledge current and maintain our licenses to practice.

Since I pay my own bar dues and pay for my CLE’s out of pocket, I look for CLE’s that are cost effective, meet the live requirements of some states, and give me great content.

I have been using for a few years and it is the best I have found. For $299 you can get Unlimited CLE classes for one year, and you can potentially earn 2 years of CLE credits if your state allows carryover. Check your state.

On holidays the Unlimited CLE sometimes has been offered for $199 in the past- if you see that-DO IT!

I have taken some fascinating On-Demand courses such as Adult Entertainment Law: Legal Issues in the XXX World aka PORN Law and Video Game Law.  These were excellent.

Tomorrow, 5/4/2017, there are courses on Anti-Bullying Legal Issues INCLUDING Representing Victims of Revenge Pornography, an important current topic!

Lawline has a huge roster of Civil Rights offerings- both On Demand and Live Courses coming up. If you miss a live course, you can catch it later on demand.

There are a plethora of Civil Rights courses, including Federal Police Brutality Law, Filming the Police, and the School to Prison Pipeline.

They have a whole curriculum on Oil and Gas Law, including legal issues relating to Native American interests and their rights.

And FINALLY . . . has an incredible selection of almost 250 upcoming Live Courses on Civil Rights, Trump Era Laws, Women’s Laws and LGBTQ issues starting tomorrow which you can find HERE.

No one is paying me to promote Lawline. I just try to pass on helpful information to spread knowledge, make people’s (including Lawyers’) lives easier, and hopefully contribute to a fairer and just world.



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